Everything You Should Know About Sant Jordi

Everything You Should Know About Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi is a significant cultural celebration in Catalonia, where the locals enjoy the day with great enthusiasm and joy

Bbook fairs, flower stalls, and cultural events - this is what it's about this colorful day.

Let's explore more about this unique and remarkable day in Catalonia's cultural calendar.

What is the history of Sant Jordi?

The story of Sant Jordi dates back to the Middle Ages, and it is believed to have originated in Catalonia.

According to the legend, a fierce dragon terrorized a village, and the king promised to offer his daughter's hand in marriage to anyone who could slay the dragon.

Sant Jordi, a brave knight, accepted the challenge, defeated the dragon, and saved the princess. This day is celebrated as a symbol of bravery, love, and sacrifice.

Where is Sant Jordi celebrated: Exact Day

Sant Jordi is primarily celebrated in Catalonia, including the city of Barcelona.

The exact day of the celebration is on April 23rd every year, which coincides with the death anniversary of two great literary figures, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.

Above all, the day is declared as a public holiday in Catalonia, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm.


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Is Sant Jordi celebrated only in Spain?

While Sant Jordi's day is primarily celebrated in Catalonia, it is also celebrated in some other parts of Spain and other countries worldwide.

Sant Jordi's day is celebrated in different ways, with some following the traditional practice of giving roses and books to each other, while others organize cultural events and parades.

What gifts should you give on Sant Jordi's day?

Sant Jordi's day is a day of love and affection, and the most common gifts exchanged are roses and books.

Traditionally, men order flowers to their beloved, while women give a book to their partner. 

Nowadays, people also give other gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, and other personalized items.

Should you give presents to men on Sant Jordi?

Sant Jordi's day is not just a day for women to receive gifts; men also receive presents from their loved ones.

Traditionally, men receive a rose from their beloved one.

And in recent times, they also receive books, chocolates, or other personalized items. The essence of the day is to celebrate love and affection, regardless of gender.


Sant Jordi is one of the major cultural celebrations in Catalonia. People exchange gifts as a symbol of affection making the day as memorable as possible.

So keep this information in mind and get the most out of this event.


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